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Want to get started at your own pace? Do you find yourself questioning your own abilities, pretending, not speaking up - or possibly feeling deeply insecure? It's paralyzing, and it's time to surrender. In my four part on-demand coaching series you will learn how to surrender your fears, awaken your intuition, transform your actions and live your truth. Launching Spring 2023, reserve your spot.

1:1 coaching

Lauren received a life coaching certification in 2015 and has since helped many clients connect with their essence. Her approach combines a grounded coaching framework accessing intuition, energy management and manifestation techniques. Lauren will use her intuition to guide you, while teaching you to tap into your own inner-knowing for ease and alignment. 

Note: Completion of Lauren's four-part Live Your Truth on-demand coaching series is required prior to 1:1 coaching. Launching in the Spring of 2023.

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