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I'm Lauren. Mom of two, Wife, Certified Intuitive Life Coach, Author, Founder of Discover Essenza and full-time marketing executive living in upstate New York. At one point in my life, I let all of those titles define me. Now? My life is simply the beautiful byproduct of discovering who I am, why I am here, and what really matters in my life.


In 2015 I went to Italy on a spiritual retreat. During that time I experienced a deep awakening and healing, allowing me to connect with my authentic self - my essence. Enter the birth of Discover Essenza, you can read more about it in my first ever blog post. 


Continuing on this journey of self-discovery inspired me greatly to help others in the same way. Everyone knows a different kind of struggle, no two stories are the same. Over time, we can lose our way, fear takes the wheel. Comparison, apprehension, lack of clarity - can paralyze our spirit. I am speaking from experience on that. At the end of the day YOU are the best source of clarity and truth in discovering your greatness. 


My purpose and passion is deeply connected to helping you remove anything that is getting in the way of finding your truest joy - your essence. 

With over 15 years working in corporate marketing and executive leadership, climbing from Admin to VP in five years - I am very passionate about helping women reach their full potential and goals, without compromising who they are and what they need. 


I am an eternal student, ever growing, always flowing with the waves of change. And I am forever grateful to be on this journey together.

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Intuitive life coach and brand strategist, Lauren Tatro founded Discover Essenza Coaching after a spiritual retreat to Italy. Now, it's her life's mission to help others discover their essence. 

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  • Certified Inner Glow Coach

  • 60+ Coaching Hours + 12 Month Training Intensive

  • Intuitive Development Training

  • Reiki I & II Healing Certified

  • A.S. Graphic Design, B.B.A. Business - SAGE Albany

  • M.S. Marketing Candidate (2024) - SNHU

  • Strategic Marketing Certification, Cornell University

  • 15+ Years in corporate brand building 

  • 9+ years executive leadership

  • Executive Coach & Mentor

  • 2020 ABR Woman on the Rise

  • Graduate of RENSCO Leadership Institute 

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